Meet the musicians of the Equinox band

Meet the Band


Hailing from County Saginaw in the State of Michigan, Equinox draws its inspiration from the music of Ireland and Scotland. Playing the traditional instruments: fiddle, whistles, concertina, bodhran, flute, bagpipes, guitar, bass, drums and voice, yet, with their own unique arrangements, Equinox transforms those familiar jigs, reels, strathspeys and hornpipes into reverent music that is dynamic and contemporary.

The Band currently features Vern Pococke on low whistle, drums and vocals, Jean Marie Learman on flute, whistle, concertina and vocals, Leslie Gregory on fiddle, and Kathy Morris on guitar, bodhran, whistle and vocals. Joining Equinox on Scottish Bagpipes is Dennis Lowe. They also have many diverse visual artists join their performances to create a musical experience for the eyes as well as the ears.

Beginning nearly twenty years ago as an amateur trio sharing Irish Pub songs at social gatherings, Equinox soon added more experienced musicians and developed an ear for the Celtic Revival Bands of the 60's and 70's. Their repertoire grew from Danny Boy and Whiskey in the Jar to include works by O' Carolan, the Chieftains, and Brian McNeill.  They drew more upon the musical stylings of the bands that they listened to in their youth like the Byrds, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and Led Zeppelin. As a result, patrons are not only invigorated by the foot-stomping music of the Celtic Genre but are also pleasantly surprised with their rich and sophisticated arrangements which take this music far beyond its traditional roots.


Vern Pococke

Vern PocockeVern is a Saginaw native and an Equinox founder. He is the heartbeat of the band as he provides the pulsing energy of the djembe and other percussive sounds. He also adds vocals, whistle, recorder and harmonica harmonies.


Jean Marie Learman

Jean Marie LearmanBorn and raised in Michigan’s Thumb, Jean Marie has been with Equinox since its inception. She brings the spirit of the storyteller to the band as she provides uplifting vocals along with flute, whistles, concertina and guitar melodies.


Bob Pennington

Bob PenningtonBobbie brings the passion and soul to Equinox with the ancient sound of the pipes. Joining the band in 2001, he plays the highland pipes, border pipes and small pipes, as well as the bass guitar, bodhran and other percussion.


Leslie Gregory

leslie-bioLeslie Gregory roamed throughout Michigan before settling in Saginaw, joining Equinox in 2002. Often called the “furious, feisty fiddler,” Leslie adds the fire to Equinox’s arrangements with his fiddle and bow.


Kathy Morris

Kathy MorrisKathy comes to us from Bay City and is a former member of the band Hoolie. She delivers a vibrant energy with her rhythm guitar and bodhran paired with a lingering sweetness with her vocals and whistles.


Liz Sauer

Liz SauerLiz is a gifted dancer and adds percussion to our music with djembe and dumbek.









What others say ...

"It was the only rainy day of our concert season here on our sunny isle of
Put-in-Bay, but EQUINOX blew away the rain with their amazing high energy

Peter Huston | PIBArts, Twilight Music Series